Operational Domains

Our GoldenSpear suite of products can be applied for multiple domains and use-cases. Common domains are listed below:

Law Enforcement

Our solutions cover both operations and intelligence for Law Enforcement. Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product can be used to track suspect online and gather information on illicit activities, as well as identify emerging public security threats such as civil unrest. This information can be combined with other sensors in our GoldenSpear INT Centre. Our GoldenSpear OPS Centre allows law enforcement agencies to fuse data from multiple source in near-real time, and its capability can be extended with our predictive policing add-on.

Counter Terrorism

With extremists going online to recruit “lone wolf” attackers, the value of WEBINT in counter-terrorism is on the rise. Our GoldenSpear INT Centre allows tracking suspects online through WEBINT but also with other sensors such as COMINT, cloud interception, and end point devices.

Border Protection & Immigration

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product can provide rapid profiling of individuals to red-flag suspect individuals based on dynamics criteria. This information can be combined with other sensors in our GoldenSpear INT Centre.

Revenue Authorities

Cross-border transactions and the sharing economy are eroding the tax-base all over the world. Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product can identify taxpayers who are generating significant amounts of revenue in online platforms such as AirBnb, Fiverr, etc., and uncover their true identity.

Cyber Security

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT solution provide a best-of-breed intelligence-driven platform to help provide early warning as well as incident-related investigation. Intelligence can help better understand possible attackers, their motives, methods, and tools, ultimately helping you create more effective cyber-defences.

Horizon Scanning

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT platform allows foresight practitioners to leverage the power of WEBINT and crowdsourcing to keep policymakers informed of ongoing trends and developments which may impact different stakeholders. Our solutions include optional scenario planning capabilities, along with methods such as morphological analysis, systems thinking, Bayesian networks, and backcasting.

Education and Employee Engagement

Our GoldenSpear Discovery can process feedback forms, surveys, emails and other textual inputs to allow you to make sense of trends and sentiments. It can be combined with our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product for cross-analytics with online sentiments.

Digital Engagement and Influence

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product can help identify key influencers and activists, and monitor different networks in real time. The platform can also be used to disseminate messaging and ultimately yield soft influence on public opinion.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product can help in Know-Your-Customer (KYC) activities, as well as in employee screening. It can also support fraud detection and prevention when combined with internal data.

Competitive Intelligence

WEBINT can provide corporates with competitive intelligence to keep them ahead.