We build solutions for analysing, visualising, and cross-referencing large amounts of data from multiple sources

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Keep ahead of threats by quickly finding relevant information online, in internal databases or from endpoint devices.

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Who We Are

S2T is a supplier of web-intelligence, cyber-intelligence, and horizon scanning products.

What We Do

We build solutions to empower analysts and users to make sense of big data.

Global Presence

We have 4 offices worldwide. We work with partners worldwide and are present in global exhibitions and trade shows.

Quick Facts

S2T Unlocking Cyberspace was incorporated in 2020 in England.

S2T's GoldenSpear solutions are deployed to the most demanding customers, and support the analysis of large scale datasets.

S2T is a system integrator that provide turnkey solutions in their totality, including hardware, networking, and network security when required.


Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources. In the intelligence community (IC), the term "open" refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources); it is not related to open-source software or public intelligence.

GoldenSpear Deep WebINT

Allows users to follow targets online, understand their behaviour patterns and even engage them actively.  View More

GoldenSpear Fusion INT Centre

Support full intelligence cycle, from planning, through collection, processing, analysis and monitoring to reporting. Has built in support for WEBINT sources, but allows so integrate or cross-reference with SIGINT, HUMINT, and multiple surveillance methods.   View More

GoldenSpear Fusion OPS Centre

Create a common situational picture by blending multiple data sources into a single repository with search, alerts, and analytics capabilities.   View More

GoldenSpear Discovery

GoldenSpear Discovery is a platform for processing text and multimedia from multiple sources. It allows data discovery, data exploration, data visualisation, and custom alerts. It is the foundation of the GoldenSpear product family.   View More








Operational Domains

Our GoldenSpear suite of products can be applied for multiple domains and use-cases. Common domains are listed below:


Our solutions cover both operations and intelligence for Law Enforcement.


With extremists going online to recruit “lone wolf” attackers, the value of WEBINT in counter-terrorism is on the rise.

Border Protection and Immigration

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT product can provide rapid profiling of individuals to red-flag suspect individuals based on dynamics criteria.

Revenue Authorities

Cross-border transactions and the sharing economy are eroding the tax-base all over
the world.

Cyber Security

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT solution provide a best-of-breed intelligence-driven platform to help provide early warning as well as incident-related investigation.

Horizon Scanning

Our GoldenSpear Deep WEBINT platform allows foresight practitioners to leverage the power of WEBINT and crowdsourcing to keep policymakers informed of ongoing trends and developments which may impact different stakeholders.

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We regularly participate in conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows. Below are upcoming events we are taking part in. We would be glad to meet you in one or more of these events.

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13 - 15 February 2024

ISS WORLD Middle East

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Level 6
Sheikh Zayed Road Business Bay
Dubai 121000
United Arab Emirates

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